Never stop dreaming.

I’m going to be happy anywhere as long as I’m with you.  Plus, California has Disneyland, the ocean, and the original In N Out.


This is me.


Big Step, New Addy

I took a big step, recently, changing my living situation.  I was a little apprehensive, but I’m starting to think it cold be the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  Loving life right now.

Hello. I'm creepin' on your page. Miss you lots. Love, your weird girl

That’s not really a question….keep creepin’.

Best day in a long time.

21 DAYS!!


26 Days!!


#33days #thiswillbemetryingtokeepup


#33days #thiswillbemetryingtokeepup

I was enchanted to meet you.

Sometimes, at times like this, it can be hard to look forward and imagine it getting better…easier.  
I traded financial security for emotional, mental stability.  In the long run, I know it’s going to work out; and I’ll look back on this time with the comfort of knowing that I did what was best for me and my well being.

What’s better is that I’ve found the few people in my life that I can truly depend on and lean on when the times are rough.  That’s a comforting feeling.

Yeah, things kind of suck right now, and I don’t enjoy the stress of wondering how I’m going to pay my bills.  But it’s always darkest before dawn, and I have a feeling the sun is going to rise before too long.