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Big Step, New Addy

I took a big step, recently, changing my living situation.  I was a little apprehensive, but I’m starting to think it cold be the best decision I’ve made in a long time.  Loving life right now.

Hello. I'm creepin' on your page. Miss you lots. Love, your weird girl

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Best day in a long time.

21 DAYS!!


26 Days!!


#33days #thiswillbemetryingtokeepup


#33days #thiswillbemetryingtokeepup

I was enchanted to meet you.

Sometimes, at times like this, it can be hard to look forward and imagine it getting better…easier.  
I traded financial security for emotional, mental stability.  In the long run, I know it’s going to work out; and I’ll look back on this time with the comfort of knowing that I did what was best for me and my well being.

What’s better is that I’ve found the few people in my life that I can truly depend on and lean on when the times are rough.  That’s a comforting feeling.

Yeah, things kind of suck right now, and I don’t enjoy the stress of wondering how I’m going to pay my bills.  But it’s always darkest before dawn, and I have a feeling the sun is going to rise before too long.

Love, Life, Loss

I have someone I consider a close friend. He is losing his wife to cancer. I won’t use names, though some of you already know who I’m talking about. She’s been fighting it, bravely, for a long time, but now it appears that the end is imminent. I cannot imagine the pain my friend is going though. I cannot imagine the pain anyone has gone through that has lost somebody close to them. 

I have been extremely fortunate, because I have not experienced death in my life. I have yet to lose anybody close to me, and for that I am extremely grateful. And I know that that is a rare occurrence. I do my best to not take my life, or the life of those around me, for granted. I truly do appreciate every second I am on this planet, because I believe this life is heaven. 

Now, especially in light of the recent events in Boston and Texas, and the numerous tragedies before them, I hope everyone knows that they are loved by someone. That their life is important to the fabric of our world. To the people in my life I can’t say anything more profound than the fact that I truly do love and respect you.

I hope anyone that reads this takes the time to let the people they love and respect know how the feel. I wish we didn’t have to die. I wish everyone could go through life never experiencing loss. But it’s that experience of loss that makes us truly aware of our fragile existence. It’s our ability to contemplate loss and our emotions regarding it that make us human.

So, to my friend, whom may never read this, I love and respect you, and I’m here for you. To anyone who’s been a part of my life, I want you to know the same. Because without all of you, I wouldn’t be me and I’m extremely happy with who I am. For anyone that read this whole post; I thank you. It isn’t easy for me to talk about things like this.

-Zane Simon